Life Insurance

Savvy, forward-thinking business owners and individuals invest in life insurance to protect their business, employees and loved ones in the event of their death. It simply makes good business sense. There are several life insurance policy types available to guarantee proper financial security.

Whether term or permanent, whole life or universal, life insurance policies provide a means by which a business can continue after the owner has passed away. If a company has to be sold, life insurance can be just one component that makes the process go smoothly.

With permanent policies you can even use the cash value of the policy to pay for terminal illness care. Life insurance can also be used to fund a buy/sell agreement. Life is short but your legacy can live on.

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Financial security for loved ones is the chief benefit of life insurance. Other benefits include:

  • Death benefits are excluded from income tax of the beneficiary
  • Life insurance can be used for retirement planning.
  • Cash value policies provide a savings component
  • The death benefits give loved ones financial security


Throughout her career Jane had worked for several companies with her last employer lasting some 25 years. While knowing she had term life insurance through the company, she never worried about obtaining other coverage. She participated in the company’s 401(k) plan and put a substantial amount in the 401(k). Then after a long career with the company she decided to leave and join her retired husband to enjoy their dreams. Their financial advisor looked at their accumulation of savings and thought they would have enough. They were fine until the downturn of the market happened and they lost a significant amount of their savings.

Talking with people about whole life insurance, Jane and her husband realized that if they had purchased a whole life policy early in their careers, they would have had something to fall back on when they retired with the loan provisions and a death benefit. With a proper life insurance policy they could comfortably spent down their savings and still had the ability to have extra income.


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