Key Person Disability Insurance

With 1 in 8 workers becoming disabled in their lifetime, sudden disability is very realistic possibility. As a business owner, it’s important to protect your business if you, a business partner or key employee suddenly becomes disabled and is unable to work for a significant length of time.

If you are the heart of your business and your absence, even for a short time, would be detrimental to the growth of the company, then disability insurance is a must. You simply cannot afford to leave your company at risk. And what about the business bills that need to be paid while you’re out? That’s where a good Business Overhead Expense policy could be beneficial.

Key Person Disability insurance provides customizable coverage that pays the company when a business owner or key employee becomes disabled. The proceeds can be used to hire a temporary replacement for the key person.

Invest in your peace of mind, so you know when you return from a disability, your business is still intact and running smoothly. Call Mitchell Clark Insurance Services today to discuss your disability insurance needs.



The ability to keep a business running while its owner or key employee recovers from a major illness or disability is the chief benefit of key person disability insurance. Other benefits include:

  • Policies are affordable
  • Policies can provide needed cash flow
  • Proceeds are tax-free
  • Proceeds can be monthly benefits or a single lump sum benefit


Ms. Allan is a key person at her company and provides tremendous value. One day she walked out to the factory floor to view a new product and was struck by a tow motor whose operator did not see her. Ms. Allan sustained numerous injuries, which caused her to be disabled. Luckily, she had a personal disability policy and workers’ compensation for her on-the-job injuries, but what about the company?

For the last several months the company has been without one of its key employees and stands to lose significant earnings. Key person disability insurance is designed to insure against this potential loss for the sake of the business.


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