Calculators & Resources

A little help…

We have provided some calculators to help you start planning for your financial future. By inputting some basic financial information and assumptions, you’ll take the first steps to meeting important financial goals.

What they cannot do…

The calculators cannot provide you with concrete answers but they can help you perform “hypotheticals” for your planning process. Education is all a part of the process in learning about where you need to be with Life Insurance and other Financial Products. Using these tools and educating yourself can help you feel more comfortable when discussing your needs with professionals.



What is your life expectancy?

How long will my current life insurance proceeds last?

What Are My Chances of Becoming Disabled?



How do taxes and inflation impact my return?

What are the tax advantages of an annuity?

Compare Taxable Versus Tax-Free Investment Return

Taxable vs. tax-advantaged saving comparison.

Social Security Retirement Income Estimator



Becoming a millionaire

How much should I save to reach my goal?

How much will I earn in my lifetime?

Should I convert discretionary expenses to savings?

What will my current savings grow to?

What Is The Value Of Compound Interest?

How Long Will It Take To Double My Savings?

How Long Until My Savings Reach My Goal?

Save Now vs. Save Later



Federal Income Tax Estimator

How Much Self-Employment Tax Will I Pay?

What Are The Tax Savings Generated By My Mortgage?


The Value of Time

Convert my salary to an equivalent hourly wage.

Convert my hourly wage to an equivalent salary