• Key Person Insurance

    Could your company survive the death of a vital employee? Is your business protected if a key decision maker should unexpectedly pass away? Key person insurance protects businesses from financial loss in the event of the death of a key executive or employee. Ensure the future of your business today!

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    Key Person Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

    Sudden disability is hard to imagine. However, according to the Council for Disability Awareness, 1 in 8 workers will be disabled for five years or more during their working careers. For business owners, it’s important to safeguard your business and protect it financially if the CEO, founder or key salesperson suddenly becomes disabled.

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    Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance

    Business life insurance saves you, your family, your business partners and your employees undue stress and legal headaches when you’re gone. Life insurance can guarantee financial stability for loved ones and funds necessary to continue the business. Don’t leave financial security and peace of mind to chance.

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    Life Insurance
  • Business Continuation Planning

    Just as a business plan is important for starting a business, a continuity plan is critical for continuing a business. What will happen if a business owner dies or retires? Will the business continue to function without setbacks? What happens to the owner’s shares of the company? Who will officially own the company, the owner’s estate or a business partner?

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    Business Continuation Planning

Workers’ Compensation

Protect your employees and your business. Let’s face it; accidents happen. If an employee becomes injured or ill while on the job performing work-related tasks, workers’ comp insurance ensures that the employee receives medical benefits and income to replace possible lost wages. Workers’ comp also protects the company from lawsuits. This insurance is mandatory in almost every state, including California.

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Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell agreements go hand in hand with business continuation planning. If you plan to have your business continue after a divorce, retirement or even death, you should have a buy-sell agreement in place. This one legal document is especially crucial for business owners who are in a partnership and plan to pass the business to an heir. A co-owned business without a buy-sell agreement is at risk.

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The Missing Ingredient

In The Missing Ingredient, Kathy combines her decades of experience in human resource management, employee benefits, and insurance with her love of cooking and family to help entrepreneurs protect themselves and their families from serving up a pointlessly bland or, worse, unhealthy legacy.


Calculators & Resources

Mitchell Clark Solutions has compiled a great archive of insurance resources. Check out the life expectancy calculator or find out how long your insurance proceeds will actually last. These insurance tools are only a click away.

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“Kathy’s diligence in searching out and finding our company a better workers’ compensation insurance plan has saved our company thousands of dollars a year over what we were paying with our previous carrier. I would recommend Mitchell Clark Insurance Solutions to any business owner looking for quality affordable insurance solutions for their business.”Dave Muth, VP of Muth Pump LLC.

“Kathy Clark worked with our firm to bring us compliant with our employee benefit plans and administration. She worked with us to develop plan design improvements. Kathy was instrumental in providing us guidance on our employee benefit plans and suggesting strategic benefit solutions to match our growing workforce." K.S. Human Resources

"Kathy Clark is the professional you want to be on your team. She goes the extra mile to ensure you and your family and your business the absolute Best results when securing the insurance you require to protect all of your assets. She is a Professional who cares and will do the research for you to ensure your optimal plan. I have had the privilege to share Kathy's expertise in a meeting where the prospective customer/client was thoroughly informed and given the answers to best assist them in their insurance requirements. They are now very happy with their new plan! Pamela D. Lindley Retired Branch Manager Personnel Services/Corporate Enhancement Honored Member, Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executive, Professionals and Entrepreneurs